Time to start a new post for 2015. (Better late than never)

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it would be nice if we had something to post about
I hear you Chris!
I can tell you a helicopter has been flying a loose grid over here for the last week. It was even up yesterday and today. A couple neighbors have been approached by an outfit called Earth pipeline services about row.
I'm not getting my hopes up but the "feed mill" rumor mill says Pyrotechnico's property is supposed to get drilled by Rex. Maybe New Beaver will get its own version of the Patterson pad......
Well my lease is up on May 10 2015. Although Nat. Gas is in the basement oil has stabled out in the 50's. And I see the cracker plant in Monaca coming along. And I know Rex has an agreement with Shell to give them " X " amount of ethan,butan,methan, propan and any other AN they can give them! As well as oil! So it is just a matter of time. We will all be making money some more than others but it is coming so let's keep positive about this. Good things come to those who wait!
Rich,have you been approached to re-sign yet? Is it Rex? I have a neighbor who expires in Oct. 2015 and no word yet for him.
No not yet. my two Neighbors were approached last fall and they didn't resign yet we are sticking together to try to get the best deal we can.for us it's all about the royality we want 20% gross . From point of sale. No deductions.
Hey trapper how you doing? Any news lately? Nothing new here.
Quiet here too Rich.
Some talk of Rex wanting a row from the Patterson pad to the Asphalt plant in Big Beaver,but couldn't get enough to sign on from what I understand.
Hello, i have 50 acres in lawrence cty on vinegar valley rd, i live out of state, anything going on up there with Rex. I havent heard anything since they bought out shell
Western Lawrence Utica

The company plans to test its first dry gas Utica well in the Western Lawrence Utica region. The Patterson 2H will be drilled to a lateral length of approximately 7,000 feet. The well is expected to be drilled and completed in the third quarter of 2015 and placed into sales in the fourth quarter of 2015. Gathering and processing infrastructure for the development of this region is already in place, with approximately 50 MMcf/d of firm transportation.

"Our first test well in the Western Lawrence Utica is another important step for Rex Energy as we continue to develop our core assets", said Tom Stabley, Rex Energy's Chief Executive Officer. "With 200 drilling locations in the Western Lawrence Utica and gathering and processing infrastructure already in place, the Western Lawrence Utica acreage provides us with flexibility within our Appalachian Basin assets."
Drill baby drill!
Anyone been approached to re-sign leases by Rex yet?

Do you that there is a pipe line going to W Pittsburg power plant its along Gilmore Road near Clayland Mill Road. 

Where is it coming from?


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