Well , here it is , ANOTHER new year. What are the odds 2016 will be a good one.....?
Oh well , if you have anything to share , please do.

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I seen the flare on Hilcorp well by the old power mill plant Thursday. Looked like a good hot dog cooker.
Are they still going to build the power plant there? Haven't heard a peep in a couple years. Thanks Bob!
I haven't heard anything about the new plant in awhile. I thought I heard they were going to convert the coal power plant to natural gas,the one in north Pittsburgh I think it called.
The coal fired power plant in West pittsburg is being converted to NG as we speak. Completion soon from what I hear.
Trapper they cleared out the tree stumps and are building a access road for that power plant. Just off 551 .
Hello fellow Lawrence Countians!
This Fall should see the winding down of most of Hilcorp's and Shell's leases. Anyone getting renewed yet?


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