ATTENTION Mineral and Surface Owners in Lewis County, WV and surrounding areas. Do you know what to do when a Landman knocks on your door? To learn more come to the Lewis County EMS Building located at 155 W. 2nd St. in Weston, WV on September 9, 2014 from 6:00pm-8:00pm.

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and why would we listen to you?

It makes me ask... What is in it for you.

I'll chip in here. The folks at LMMA are extremely knowledgeable in this field. They are not predatorily opportunist but are serious professionals who can assist mineral owners who are in mineral ownership for the long run. I invited them to have a group on GMS for a reason and look forward to hearing more from them. 

Thanks to all who attended the meeting last night in Weston WV. If you or your neighbors need assistance with a natural gas issue or have questions, please contact us at 304.545.7644 or 

How about Morgan county West Virginia?

Kate i would be pleased to discuss with you your property in Morgan County WV. Please contact me at 304.545.7644 or by email at

My name is leslie whipkey... I was inherited 1/16th of 76 acres at which back In 1992 I was contacted by trio petroleum stating they wanted to drill for all that the property had on it. Such as petroleum, natural gas, coal and a few others. Well when trying to contact the Calhoun county auditors and they tell me nothing. I have had zero luck... I have the deed copy of property And the original lease that I never did sign. I talked to a few people and still haven't got answers that I needed. Please if anyone can guide me I would greatly appreciate it. 3304020188 is my cell - The heirs are mostly dead or are no longer around area or state AT all. My father was john c whipkey son of Bernice whipkey cox.

Good morning Leslie, what kind of assistance are you looking for? For example are you trying to determine if the 1/16th is available to lease? 


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