Does anyone know when they're planing on doing the Mahar site thanks

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Any idea if it is a new rig, or being moved from another site?

Is it coming?

they haven't brought anything yet to mahar place

I made it a point to drive by Mahar on the way home. The gates are still locked. No guard shack yet, and no activity.


I'm really hoping that we see something soon.


We are still waiting for the air rig, the conductor casing, and the guard shack.

The big rig that left Mellinger's must have gone somewhere else.

I think that rig went to the pad on RT 45 just south of Salem ( the ski slope).   Lots of activity there the other day.   Would be the Riffle well. 

It is nomac 310 on 45-locals call it the ski slope?  Saw the sign today with the rig number.

A year, and 2 days since the last post in this thread there are finally signs of life at the Mahar well. Both permits have been attached to the white board, and there are orange signs warning drivers of overhead lines.

Maybe we will get lucky.

LIKE oops wrong website. Driven by once a month for the past year and NOTHING! The whiteboard even fell down for awhile. Hope a rig is on its way!

Just saw two workers from Osmose Utilities checking out the power lines. My best guess is that they will be raising the wires pretty soon.

Just an observation that I made today on my trip to and from work. The "Caution Overhead Powerlines" have recently been installed at three other wells that are probably going to be hooked up to the Teegarden Pipeline. RoyD, Mrugala, and Mellinger also have low hanging power lines over the driveway. So are they all expecting truck traffic. They are temporary ... not attached to a post ... just sitting on the ground. So today I said hmmmm to myself. Would they run a section of pipe up to a well that has not even been drilled yet?


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