We have the mineral rights only, no surface to 41 acres and own 100% interest in the oil & gas, and all coal except PGH. We got an unsolicited purchase offer of $350 an acre. I called back & asked the company to make me their best offer. They came up to $1000 an acre, in less than 24 hours. I'm sitting on it, for now. I am out of state, and would like to sell this. Any thoughts? I do have a local attorney, who is very experienced in the area & mineral rights.

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Hi, Karen - you are in a unique situation, with 100% GAS, OIL & Coal (except PGH SEAM) rights and no surface. Leasing and/or drilling - utilizing your G,O&M - rights, could prove to be a bit of a "sticky wicket" and lead to conflicts for you, with the current land/surface owners. Considering those factors, selling your rights - outright - vs. leasing to drill, poses a reasonable and more appealing option. So, basically, your concerns have to do with the most lucrative offer on your rights for the 41 acres. To do that, you must consider several factors that effect the value of your rights :
1. Time-ing is everything - natural gas prices are at an all-time low right now - and may be slow in climbing, due to availablity, as horizontal drilling technology improves and production increases.
2. How close is your GAS/OIL/COAL from a pipeline, major highway, or railway for ease of transmission and transportation.
3. What is the depth, thickness and access of the MARCELLUS SHALE PLAY in your holding - because all of these factors determine the likelihood of "if or when" drilling may ever occur there.
Only you can consider all the factors - and choose to run the gamble of holding out for more (and possibly "missing the boat" all together) - or accepting a reasonable offer and selling out.
Only you can determine, all things considered, what amount you will ultimately be content with.
Good luck in your endeavors, Todd's Mom
Thanks for your thoughtful post!

Thanks for all of the helpful replies!

Merry Christmas to you!

Karen; have you done anything with these mineral rights? Still own them? Still interested in selling?

Jim, My sister & I seem to have inherited many WV mineral rights.

This particular property has been sold.

You can contact me privately at kls6917@aol.com

Karen, beware of those people that are trying to talk you into selling your mineral rights

hi karen, I`m in the same boat. heir to a gas well and only the minerals, no land. my sister was contacted by eqt about a class action suit. not a clue what its about. can`t get any info from them but the lady slipped and said the lease was from 1933.we don`t know what to do....any suggestions?....anybody??? btw056@yahoo.com


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