Checking to see if there is any activity for offers from Tug Hill to landowners to sign leases.  Our lease expired from Chesapeake and now showing some interest in Marshall County from several land service companies.  Seems like at this point in the industry, it's asleep.  Anyone seeing activity, or are we just last on the list?

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There's a little activity in Marshall.  I haven't run across someone with a lease from Tug Hill, yet.  I'd keep my eyes out for Southwestern, EQT, Chevron, and Stone.  There may be a couple others.

heard from Stone and Chevron....conservative offers.  just from the media (which I question) the offers are seriously low.

Under current pricing (Natural gas) and lack of infrastructure, offers will be "conservative". Now in a few years things should get better. The big question is are most acres HBP around you? If you are in an area mostly HBP'ed offers may not get better. Mostly a question of price of natural gas. $4 an Mcf will get things moving again. Below that not much will occur. Unless they need you to lock up others!
Southwestern took their option to re up my lease in January.

Have a sizeable parcel in the Marshall County area, not HBP as well as surrounding neighbors.  I am not living on the parcel, so I don't have a good communication with neighbors.  But I may reach out to Southwestern to see if any interest.  Thanks for the info!

I turned down tug hill a couple of months ago Melissa just for the Utica the offer was 4300 per acre @ 18% -- something big is in the wind in the near future

thanks Pete....that's the biggest concern....timing!  Don't know whether to accept at this point in time or wait.  It's all in the game I guess.

18%/4300 acre for Utica only. I think you'll regret not taking that offer. Of course "The Devil is in the details". You must get Competent legal advice. $1000 in fees now will pay off later.
Why do you say that? Didnt the group from wheeling which included owners from marshall county get 6 or 7000 for the utica last year?

That was a little over 6 and was for Marcellus and the utica

What did they pay for the utica alone? I know some people were just selling the utica. I thought ti brought more than the marcellus.

Tim Tarr ,the group had all the legal advice from the area--might have been a good lease if you didn`t own the surface too--I can read just fine myself


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