Marshall County Lease Offers: County / Date of Offer / Royalty % / Bonus Per Acre / Acreage

West Virginia-Marshall County     02/10/2010     18.75%     $3000.00     5 years     21.54
West Virginia-Marshall County     03/13/2013     14.00%     $2500.00     5 years 97.76

ADD YOUR'S BELOW. Please add any additional qualifying info;

- Section-Township-Range etc.

- Re-Leasing?

- Land Group?

- Company?

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west virginia-marshall county     12-26-11   16%      $3000.00     5 years       36     chevron     no group

wv- marshal- Utica only  4-6-14  18.75%  $2700 5yrs w/5yr option

what company pete?

that was fossil creek-- got a few more interested but no written offers yet.

What other companies are actively leasing Marcellus/Utica in marrahll
Noble energy
I think that is way to low. Wait to see the results in wv. Belmont got 7400 with 20% and a lot of it is dry. I also hate that 5 yr option crap. Were does it seem fair. It says we get 5 more years for almost free because if the area falls apart the don't renew. If it is good the get a deal. Were do we get anything out of that....never. I haveto have a say or the amount goes up aa lot the second time around. This also might push them to drill alittle sooner.

I have buyers if you are interested in selling..  payments for sure for purchasing minerals.. Message me if there is an interest..  WJ

I recently received a leasing offer from Noble Energy for $3000/acre near Fishcreek Rd.  Does anyone know what the going rate is for this area?

pretty much going rate.  haven't seen any higher.


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