I received a letter from Statoil USA Onshorere Properties Inc  letting me know that we have been overpaid for our Royalty's going back to 10/31/2012 until 01/31/2015--- They overpaid us $12,000.00 in that period.  We belong to the MICHAEL SOUTHWORTH SOUTH UNIT.  We will not receive a check until the mistake is paid up.  We will not receive any Interest Owners Statement telling us just how much product is being taken out or the amount of the payment.  I just wanted to check and see if any other group has been notified of this. I don't think Statoil owned this property in 2012 I think it was Chesapeake.

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    Check to see if the unit size of your well(s) have been increased. I was told today by a lawyer how O&G companies increase the size of a unit, then try to recover royalties paid to the original Unit owners in order to pay the landowners added to the Unit.

If you were being paid royalties by Chesapeake then being overpaid is an impossibility. You have been severely underpaid. If you are in a Wet Gas area, you probably have not been paid for Natural Gas Liquids. Chesapeake doesn't like to share this product with landowners by paying a royalty.

Take a look at the typical deductions Chesapeake uses even if you have a Gross No Deduction lease, as we have in Ohio. Chesapeake Spreadsheet Attached, with explanation.

The landowners on your well(s) need to have an audit conducted to recover your past losses with Chesapeake, then file a suit against Stat Oil and let them know West Virginians have a spine and are not a pushover to O&G companies.

Did I tell you I come from a long line of West Virginians?

Good Luck.  Ron Hale


I'm with Ron Hale on this one.  You need to get a detailed explanation out of Statoil.  They can't just say, "oops, we overpaid you".  

I'm with you on that.


      Here is the explanation of the Chesapeake Theft Spreadsheet. I attached the wrong word file and was unable to add the explanation after revising the response.

Chesapeake uses this spreadsheet for each of us. I figure they have a special spreadsheet they use for landowners that have special circumstances, like being represented by a lawyer, or being an influential member of the community or state that could mount a campaign to inform the other landowners and state officials (gov & atty gnl not included since they have been corrupted by CHK money. I heard they are both very wealthy, some BS about getting their campaign funds returned to them. Probably by CHK.) who could apply the laws of Ohio and run CHK out of the state.

It would be wise to hold a meeting of landowners in your area to join forces to pay for an audit. We are planning to use the Township Community Building to discuss an audit, soon.

I added an example of the note we are going to use to tell the neighbors we are having a landowners meeting. You can cut several notes from each page then put it on/near/but not in the mailbox, except when they slip out of your hands when the mailbox is open. For some reason only the USPS is supposed to use your mailbox. I find them useful for leaving notes as necessary but not in the mailbox of course.

That reminds me of the time SOMEONE in the family got the great idea to deliver phone books for practically free using my vehicle and fuel. I ended up helping and found out we were making 10 cents per book since the guy running the program was siphoning all the profits at the pick up point. No wonder everyone is poor when unemployed.

After being on Night Shift and with no sleep I helped deliver the phone books and was none to happy. I put the phone book in an open mailbox and the lady in the yard yelled at me that I couldn't do that. She said she was a USPS Employee and knew the rules. I took the phone book out and told the driver to continue on through the neighborhood. The lady was mad about not getting a phone book but she knew the rules.

Good Luck with this issue William.


Thanks for your reply.  I know we are getting robbed and something has to be done to stop the theft.  I have not heard from any of the people in my unit but I will be checking into it real soon.

I am in the same unit and have recieved neither payment nor letter from statoil this year. I am unclear if their interest was bought out by southwestern when check sold or not. I never did understand stat's relationship to my lease.

b sent an e-mail to Statoil USA onshore Properties. This is the Email  Royalty@Statoil.com

1-866-697-0454 at owners Relations, talked to Ebony MacAfee one of the operators for the company.  I had sent and Faxed letters to Statoil with no response.  I called at least 4 times before I received any answer from that company  She told me that they just went on line that day. She has helped me a lot.  I still went to the Lawyer with it because I don't know what it is all about. She sent me the work sheet with all the times they overpaid or under paid my Company.

I checked a few with the check stup we receive with our checks and the came out correctly.  But I counted the ninus and pluss on the 7 sheets, when  I was finished it only came to with $4,047.98.  -  a far cry from $12,400.00 they say I have.

MEMBERS OF THE: " Michael Southworth  South Unit" ---  BELIEVE IT OR NOT.....I received a 1099-MISC for 2015 from STATIOL.  Of course it is not correct. They say they paid us $1,290.48 but I only received two checks for $608.53 a difference of $73.42 to there benefit, and then they say they overpaid me  $12,000.00. Something is very wrong here - did they overpay or underpay me. I guess that is the question.

I did talk to a representative  for Statoil requesting some kind of information on what has been removed from the well and the amount of money I should of received and the answer was------ a statement can not be printed with out processing a check. So they sent me a 5 page spreed sheet with a lot of numbers and dates and names some of the figures have + and some have -      without an explanation of what they mean. So I am back to zero.

Did anyone receive a 1099 from Statoil?

That's odd, to say the least.  They only paid you $1200 and they say they overpaid you $12,000.  They got some 'splainin' to do.

Would you believe this....sorry its a little late but I requested a copy of the report showing the amount of gas & oil they have removed from this "Michael Southworth South Unit". Well they sent me a print out that I could not figure out but the main thing was in one year they have only taken around $1,000.00 off of my over payment.  I just sent it to my Lawyer. I still owe about $11.000.00. It will be a long time making this up.


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