I am attempting to analyze what each operator is charging back to the mineral owners in various areas to see how large of a difference there is between deductions taken by various operators (in the same area and in different areas, as well as by product - wet gas, dry gas, etc).

Can anyone share with me the amount, type, and variability of the charge backs they are seeing on their checks in Marshall County as well as where you property is located?
Do charged back costs vary depending on the time of year, for example higher compression charges during winter or summer?

I appreciate any help and will try to analyze the data and share the results of the effort (depending on the level of response of course).

I think it would be revealing and beneficial to mineral owners to be able to compare the methods and amounts of deductions by the various operators in an area. If you want to share the info but not on a public thread, private message me.
If there is already a study or if this has been pursued on here previously, could someone point me to the thread?

Thank you in advance!!!

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Boy, I'd love to see this kind of data as well.  Only one of my previous clients has come forward to share their check stubs with me so far.  I'll have to go spend some time on those and see if there's some general information I can glean from them.  I won't be able to share unless that client gives me permission, of course.  I'll ask, though.


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