Where are the utica wells in marshall and how are they doing?

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You can go to this website


and select the target formation and the county. It showed no Utica wells for Marshall. I don't think there are many in WV but there are a few.

thanks for reply Nancy.I think the gov website is way behind actual events.heard somewhere there were a few utica wells near the river.anybody with any info about this please help me out

Hi Pat, I think the OOG website was being updated or something last evening.

I found 3 Utica wells from this site

https://apps.dep.wv.gov/oog/permitlist_new.cfm   choosing Marshall and Utica

051-01599, 051-01725 and 051-01726

You can go here

and find the permit numbers and see the documents (plats)

and go here

for the weekly report that has the last 2 of those. The most recent activity was June 2014

thanks again Nancy


I am having trouble finding specific wells on this webpage.  How much information does the site give?  I searched to exactly where the well is and it won't give me any information.

Hi Aaron,

If you have the permit number, that number with the 3 digit prefix and the 5 digit number, you can go here


and put that API (permit) number in Attribute Search in the API place. If it works right, when you click Search you will see a small blue circle. Zoom in on that and you can see where the location is.

Messenger well in the Utica near wileyville in Wetzel county just south of marshall county .....IP of 59 million cubic feet a day cheasepeak drilled it probably owned by southwestern now

Wow wonder if they will have a news release or just try to sit on the info. Wasn't the IP on Ranges well at the Claysville sportsmens club 59 million ?
The messenger had a 25 mil ip with a 5880 lateral. There are also good results from gastar right at the bottom of Marshall. Their was a 29 mil ip with a 4k lateral. stone has a well close to gastar with 30 mil ip and 3,900 ft lateral. All seem promising.
Well 25 is a long way from 59

got the info from a man that deals with production companies on a daily bases........he handles drilling bits and travels between rigs everyday.......they used 24 bits to drill the messenger at a cost of over 2 million dollars.......even 25 million a day would be close to 75,000 dollar gross a day in production @3.00 a thousand cubic feet

Gastar Exploration reports on second dry-gas Utica Shale well Marshall county wv

Gastar Exploration reports on second dry-gas Utica Shale well

By Bob Downing Published: June 30, 2015

From Gastar xploration today:

HOUSTON, June 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Gastar Exploration Inc. (NYSE MKT: GST) ("Gastar") reported today initial and 30-day average production on its second Utica Point/Pleasant well.  The Blake U-7H well located in Marshall County, West Virginia produced at a peak 48-hour gross sales rate of 36.8 MMcf/d of natural gas on a 32/64ths choke with approximately 6,235 psi of flowing casing pressure.  On a restricted flow basis, the well's post peak rate 30-day production averaged 20.2 MMcf/d on a 26/64ths choke with approximately 5,312 psi of flowing casing pressure.  The most recent 5-day average rate is 14.8 MMcf/d at approximately 5,008 psi of flowing casing pressure.  The Blake U-7H well was drilled with a lateral length of 6,617 feet and was completed with 34 hydraulic fracturing stages that used approximately 14.8 million pounds of proppant.  Gastar has a 50% working interest in the Blake U-7H well and 41.1% net revenue interest in the well.

J. Russell Porter, Gastar's President and Chief Executive Officer, commented, "We are very pleased with the results of our second dry gas Utica well as it demonstrates the consistency of the prolific production from the Utica/Point Pleasant play across our leasehold.  Currently, we have no plans to drill another Utica/Point Pleasant well on our acreage until regional natural gas prices improve and returns on investment become competitive relative to our other internal investment opportunities."

About Gastar Exploration

Gastar Exploration Inc. is an independent energy company engaged in the exploration, development and production of oil, natural gas, condensate and natural gas liquids in the United States.  Gastar's principal business activities include the identification, acquisition, and subsequent exploration and development of oil and natural gas properties with an emphasis on unconventional reserves, such as shale resource plays. In Oklahoma, Gastar is developing the primarily oil-bearing reservoirs of the Hunton Limestone horizontal oil play and expects to test other prospective formations on the same acreage, including the Woodford Shale and the Meramec Shale (Mississippi Lime), which Gastar refers to as the Stack Play.  In West Virginia, Gastar is developing liquids-rich natural gas in the Marcellus Shale play and has drilled and completed its first two successful dry gas Utica Shale/Point Pleasant wells on its acreage.  For more information, visit Gastar's website at www.gastar.com


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