I hear they are hauling water in to frack this well. Anyone verify this?

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Could be. There's a large pump sitting at a gravel pit lake on Valley Rd just off Route 62. It could supply both McCullough and McGhee wells.

Hilcorp so far as I know has just about piped there water in from ponds or rivers to frack with.

So they fracked and flared this well and never put it in production. anyone know why not? How about that northern Chevron well Bowser i think name is,is it in production?
Chevron made both the McCullough and the Bowser wells "inactive". Both are close to a pipeline, but were never tied in. My guess is that these were test wells to verify what was there. Chevron and Hilcorp are working together on joint leases now. Chevron leased a farm from a friend of mine just East of the Bowser pad for a future pad at about the same time they started to the drill Bowser wells. Part of their Master Plan.


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