Jefferson Mcghee:

I was on Pew Road yesterday, it appears that Hilcorp is well on their way for the construction of this site.  The access road appears to be very steep, but this may just be a temporary entrance road.  The site sign is posted down by the intersection of the existing pipeline ROW and Pew Road.  Looks like the are moving lots of ground.  

I find it also interesting that there are 7 well permits for the site (1 issued and 6 pending).  I wonder what their plans are for this site?  

Also, I see that Hilcorp has a new location in the works for the Jefferson Montgomery site.  To my knowledge this is a newly submitted site.  

Jefferson Montgomery:

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I like the Google earth map with the unit shown, I have seen one, I think for Bradford County with the units drawn.  I was wondering how it is done?

Bruce: Google Earth is a free download.  You can plot points and make polygons.  Give it a try, once you get the hang of it you'll be a pro.  Pretty useful GIS tool.  

Archer Man, We went past the Steister Road Montgomery site today and Hilcorp had this sign posted. "Hilcorp Energy Co., Montgomery central facility."  We also noticed a lot of heavy construction equipment working on the road to the west of Steister road. At the corner of Valley road and Lake road. My guess is that is a pipeline.

I believe you are right. Efacts shows a permit for the Montogomery to Tap project. I assume that's the activity. I'll have to check it out too. Thanks

I believe the rig showed up at this site,  04/25/2014

Bob, You are right, I talked to McGhee this morning.

WTF , Did he happen to tell you how many laterals they were gong to drill? And which way the laterals were  headed?

Bob - scroll back a few pages and look for a posting by BRUCE H. He had a map showing all the laterals in Mercer county. McGhee I think had 7 laterals all being drilled Due EAST. Interesting considering all the others are being drill NW/SE.


I remember seeing that map now. thanks john L.

Bob, They have drilled five vertical wells at the McGhee site, then the rig left to go to Pulaski. Now the new rig will drill the horizontal legs for the five wells. I have not heard if they will drill the other two wells at this time. Yes all the laterals are due east, a couple of them will end a short distance east of route 58. I believe all of the wells are in the Point Pleasant and Trenton formations. 


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