So far we have three members:


Elnathan Cory of Stoneboro, PA

Leigh Meehan


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Let's go, Marcellus! Where are they leasing in Mercer Co? Round Hermitage?
So far there is none that I know about. Our time is soon and at that time we will form a group with an attorney and have an offer put together that we can present to the gas companys. Recently in Ohio 1500 landowners signed leases on one day! They leased 75,000 acres to Chesapeake Energy. They had an offer that they put together with an attorney and presented it to all potential gas companys. Someday we will do the same. 
Seismic testing is being done in Greene Township (Jamestown), my property and several of my neighbors are having it done. I was offered a lease from EnerVest Energy and turned it down. It was $40.00 an acre and 12.5 % for five years.
I forgot to mention, I asked the landman what they wanted to drill for and he said utica shale
Welcome Mike B and Derrick Mckee to our group.

11 members and counting!

Wow, 23 members!
Can you email me at  I may be able to help you.
35 members!!!!

We are nearing the 100 member mark!

We have over 200 members!

281 now Elnathan. its been a slow climb.


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