There isn't much going on in Mercer County these days as far as gas drilling and leasing is concerned. A couple of wells on 10s of thousands of leased acres is not much to get excited about. I have a feeling that when leases expire there will be only a few renewals. Sadly there is little infrastructure and I see no change in that. The pipeline started by Halcon is at a dead end. Very few new well permits are being sought by any company. It all adds up to a big bunch of hot air when it should be gas!

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Elnathan: If Mercer County, is on the back burner,then Venango County must be in the toilet bowl. As you know,my land is in French Creek Twp, Venango county and is unleased. Your post reminds me of an old proverb that goes like this "I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet".I fear after reading your post, that you may be the modern equivalent of the man who had no shoes. I am happy that you got a lease from Hilcorp for your land in Mercer County. Though my own land is unleased, I am happy for the land that I have.. I do not deny that in 2013, I had strong reasons to believe  that my land would be leased, and that I was disappointed when that did not occur. But I remain hopeful that my property will still be leased in the future. My current unscientific guess is that it might be leased some time between 2017 and 2020. Do I have any facts to support that guess? The answer is no, but that timeline allows me to enjoy 2014, 2015, and 2016 without worrying about the  O&G leasing market.

Facts are facts. There isn't much going on right now. The truth will be known when leases start to run out. Some have less than two years remaining. What will the gas companies do then?

See my post on Mercer county comment Wall where I offer my speculation about the announced Halcon pipeline permits for eastern Mercer county and western Venango county.

Halcon pipeline may the catalyst to get things moving. Good results from the Chevron well might spur more drilling in eastern Mercer County.
Is Rex showing any interest? Don't they have some old shell leaseholds in Mercer County?

I have not heard anything. This oil glut has turned off the back burner. Hopefully there is a big future in natural gas.

That's what I'm thinking. Thanks Elnathan.


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