I saw a new permit was issued on June 30 to drill a vertical well on the jefferson zigo pad to Hilcorp.  Does this mean a turn around for the area?  

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Actually Hilcorp filed for 6 new drilling permits, all on existing pads in Mercer and Lawrence counties. All were for "conventional" wells as in not horizontal.  The permit for Jefferson Zigo was for a 5500ft vertical well.  What does all this mean? I have no idea.  Any activity has to be positive.

I agree!  Any activity has to be positive!

That 5500 vertical is somewhat deeper than the last ones drilled? I thought I remembered them permitting a horizontal afterwards on some of old Wells they drilled. Looking for something else? Trying to find pressure?

Not sure exactly what this means or what Hilcorp is doing!  It's always a time will tell situation.


The H5 horizontal well on the Jefferson Zigo pad was drilled down to 7825 ft at the bottom of the turn before going horizontal in to the Point Pleasant formation..  This new V7 well is permitted to drill to 5550 ft vertical in to the Clinton formation.  Most, if not all of the shallow wells around here are between 4500-5500 ft. All 6 Hilcorp permits are for conventional wells.  They're up to something, I just don't know what. Right now, I'll take ANY activity as a good sign.


Thanks for the info.  Agreed, any activity is good since it's been awhile with no activity! Just don't know how long after a permit that they will start anything.

Hmmm...looks like they are in Ohio for now.


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