Does anyone else find it interesting that all 3 proposed pipelines begin in Mercer PA? Is it just coincidence?


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I'm hoping it's not a coincidence. I know this information is entirely anecdotal but..... I stopped at a garage sale this summer and a truck load of guys stopped also. I got to talking to them and they were well pad surveyors from various other states, Missouri, Texas, Kansas. They were asking me about places to rent in the area. They said they would be in the area for about 10 years. One guy was looking to buy so he could bring his family. They gave me the impression that Mercer County would be swarming in a year.

JohnL, Yes I have been past the proposed site on Steister Road and I believe that was part of the old Steister farm. Do you think they are proposing to run this pipeline on the TGT right of way?  Would  be a great way for the company to save a ton of $$$$ if they could do that and it would also move things along at a rapid pace.


The maps that Tyler posted show the Hilcorp /NiSource Pennant line parallels most of the TGP 2, 3, and 4 lines. It looks like they had to by pass some wetlands in some areas. The Pennant line will run over to NiSource Cryogenic plant in Mahoning County. I think I read it will be. 20-24 inch line. I assume this means that they plan on drilling a lot more wells locally. They are suppose to start laying pipe as early as January and expect it to be completed by early summer. These are the survey flags we've been seeing around.

Bluegrass is on hold. Article in today's New Castle News.

I think Kinder Morgan beat them to the punch by reversing there lines.


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