Has there been any leasing activity in Monongalia County? If so, with who and what was the signing bonus(per acre) and royalty rate.


Thanks, Tim Greene

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Just signed a new lease in Clay district for $1000/1.03acre and 16% with no deductions at well head.  Anyone else know of when drilling might begin?

Lease is with NWE .  I have shared ownership of 42~acres.

Correction...signed lease with Northeastern Natural Energy.

Hi Ron, Is your lease in Mon county, WV?

Yes, it is.

Do you have a contact at northeast energy? 


afternoon guys and gals

has anyone heard any news and development around the blacksville area (KASSAY WELL) any updates would be appreciated thankx

 I m a land owner in Monongalia County. I recently got signed with Edge resource partners. We signed a lease for $2500/acre and 14% royalties. We were told that we needed to sign before they could do a title search do determine what part land owner we were. This would tell us how much bonus money we would get. Said it would be 90 days before we got our checks.  Me and my sister waited and waited. Didnt hear anything so about two weeks before the 90 days were up i cintacted the landman,  Matthw Riva. He said, sorry but we are backing out and we arent paying any of our leases. Said there was a clause that lets them out of the lease and that the bonus was not a promise but a contract. I am told the contracts are standard with this wording on it but this is very unprofessional. Any ideas on this or any companies in monongalia county that would pick up a lease cause they didnt even file the lease. I checked with monongalia county idx.

Charles - call Rick 412-583-7373

Thanks but who is Rick? 

He has done a lot of business in WV. Has been working in the industry for 7+ years. 

Pardon me but what is his last name and position? Which company please?


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