US Mineral Rights - Signing folks in Mon, Marion, Wetzel and Preston Co's WV

Just curious if anyone here has info on US Mineral Rights, beyond their pitch, which I heard this past Thursday at the Blacksville VFW. The terms that they mentioned seemed intriguing but I'm cautious as these numbers seem too good to be true. They say that for Marcellus only, a lease should command 5k per acre, 18% royalty and no deductions. This is for a 3 year lease and there would be a option for the 4th and 5th year but it would cost the operator an additional 2k per year. They commented that Utica and Burkett would be likely leases a few years later as that is the progression of these O&G operators and the numbers would be similar. I'm looking for anyone who can comment on their experience with the group. Basically, you sign on to be a member of their group for 2 years and they market your minerals to O&G producers, building units of 1280 acres and taking a 5% cut of your acreage bonus as their payment. Anyone in this forum deal with them in the past, has it worked out and what has been your experience?

Appreciate any info that you have.
Thank you.

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good luck with those numbers.


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