As of July 18 Enervest sold all of the Utica, Point Pleasant and Trenton formation portion of their leases in Carroll and surrounding counties to EAP LLC. The last royalty payment that I received from the Cairn 5H was from Enervest for products sold in August 2019. This may be an issue of broader concern, but I was hoping to hear from  any other Cairn 5H or other Enervest leased royalty owners first. I'm not sure if this is a personal problem for me a problem with the Cairn 5H well only or a general problem with the lease transfer from Enervest to EAP.

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I will look at the production history today and get back with you Brian!
In my software, I am showing the well is owned by EAP and is still active but production hasn’t been reported. I am unsure what this means. This well is in Harrison county, not Monroe county. You may want to reach out to the Ohio department of natural resources in addition to EAP. Hope this helps!
Harrison township, Carroll county****


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