Southeastern Ohio Landowners Association, Inc is having a clinic in Woodsfield behind Duke & Duchess on rt 78.  Some told me that this was Des 's group but I dont think so. Any information will be very helpfull.

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sola is jennifer garrisons group
when is this meeting ?
clinic is 13th and 14th 930am to 430pm. meeting 14th at 7pm at swiss hills
thank so much Kevin , is swiss hills the high school - career center ?

yes, out 78 east of town

no , I think Des is honest . Just just was wondering who they are .
If you look at the contract from des it does mention southeastern Ohio landowers association
There is a website. Call the Southeastern Ohio Landowners Association inwhitch Des is not mentioned at all. So how can they both have the same group name SOLA and be seperate.

this could be because he is not a landman but rather a connection between the landowners and the oil & gas companies . He is payed by the o&g company rather than us .

I'm not sure but I can say that the lease terms are the best that i've ever seen . 

I think I can clear up the confusion.  Des is with SouthEAST Ohio Landowners Assoc.  Jennifer Garrison is with SouthEASTERN Ohio Landowners Association.  Des in no longer with NALS. 
thanks for the info . :)
Des just had a meeting last week for Monroe.  He doesn't have another scheduled in this county yet to my knowledge though be on the lookout for another one soon.


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