Southeastern Ohio Landowners Association, Inc is having a clinic in Woodsfield behind Duke & Duchess on rt 78.  Some told me that this was Des 's group but I dont think so. Any information will be very helpfull.

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Thank you for this link. It is informative to be able to view the actual website for Jennifer Garrison's group.





Des explained that SOLA could refer to either his group or Jennifer's group right now, until the State awards the articles of incorporation that they each have filed.

Des is "LLC."  and  Jennifer is  "INC."  per Des at his Sept. 14th meeting in Fairlawn, Oh.


Jeff  do you know anyone who has signed with Jennifer Garrisons group yet if so is it true that they want you to commit fro a year ?

If anyone has joined with SOLA  please let me know what you thought .

It is true that Garrison's group wants a 12-month exclusive agreement.  Since "SOLA" represents both Des's and Jennifer's group, it would be less confusing if you could refer to them by name.

We attended Garrison's meetings, but for now, we are hesitant to sign an exclusive agreement with so many other active groups out there that don't lock you in.

that's how we feel on a 1 year commitment . I went to a meeting that Exxon had in wheeling and they are offering 4950.00 and 19%  on a 5yr. primary term with a 3yr. extension . 

We did not sign , wasn't the best terms and they want all of the formations .Have you seen a copy of Garrison's terms , the way I understand is you can't see them until you commit to them. That kinda is like buying a car with a blanket over it . I would like to see anything that I have to commit to when the stakes are as high as they are .

Thanks so much for responding to me :)

Ask the Garrison people about all the issues and ask all the specific questions you can come up with. Maybe you can learn what is in their lease that way. Does their representation agreement allow you to leave the group if you don't like what they have to offer?
thanks for that advice , that's what I will do .

H. BO.

I have not been able to obtain a lot of information on how the Garrison group is operating. They do have a website that portrays the staff, but doesn't seem to explain the terms.  I have not been to one of their meetings yet, but would like to go once just to listen. 


Garrison's group is currently working on a lease via a Board of Directors.  Once the lease is finished and the group is strong they will send RFPs to oil and gas companies for bids on their acreage.  Although you are signing an exclusive 12-month agreement, you do not have to enter into the lease if a deal is done.  If you don't sign the landgroup lease but end up signing with the same company on your own, you are obligagted to pay the attorney fee of 4-1/2%.  Their 4-1/2% fee comes out of your  agreed bonus amount.  I think it makes sense to see what kind of lease they come up with before signing their agreement.
I'm with you Angela on seeing what you sign up for . What do you think about the one year commitment .
I don't think I understand the purpose of the one year commitment since you can back out of this agreement at any time.  I'll continue to follow this group as well as a couple others. 


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