Southeastern Ohio Landowners Association, Inc is having a clinic in Woodsfield behind Duke & Duchess on rt 78.  Some told me that this was Des 's group but I dont think so. Any information will be very helpfull.

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As Des explained it, you can not back out of there group after signing there agreement. I believe he said there agreement was binding. He also was not happy at all that they popped up 4 months after him with the same name and started having meetings at the same locations. Seems kinda snake like to me.  In this kind of competitive climate, there is no way I would sign a year commitment to anyone no matter what they promised. That sounds crazy to me given the alternatives.

Has Des signed anyone up yet that you know of? His percentage is one of the hightest I've seen so far  .I'm sure the o&g companies wont take that  in consideration when presenting what they will give us .

Don't get me wrong profit is not a bad word , my concern is being left behind to search for the best that we can get .

Ive seen his lease proposal and agree it's very good but I can't deposit a good lease in my bank .

Hope he gets some kinda of offer soon !



OK everybody, I am not here to solicit on behalf of my company. I am here only to explain the difference. Southeast Ohio Landowners Association, LLC is the name of the Landowners group I represent. I also have a holding company of Ohio Landowner Consultants. The reason for the SOLA name separation is I am also working with groupsin Western Ohio.They will becoe Western Ohio Landowners association. I am doing this to separate the entities from each other. There is enough confusion out there. Yes Jennifer Garrison has a group with the same name, but people know the difference. So that is the reason for the name SOLA. In the end, you will be represented by me if you join my group. My contract is non-binding so yu can get out of it any time. The other group is a year long commitment. Choose wisely.


What about Des' business? Neither name shows up.

my understanding is that the 7% commission for des is paid by the leasing company and does not come out of the signing bonus.  i. e. if the bonus, is $2,500, then that is what the landowner gets.


jennifer garrison is having a meeting for guernsey cty., thurs the 22nd at 7:00p.m.  it will be at the plummers & pipefitter's union hall, in cambridge, ohio.  i believe the lease may be discusssed at that meeting.


my reply was to a previous post...i don't know why it ended up any case, i hope this information is helpful...and, it is correct as far as i know.


So if the Oil and Gas co is willing to pay $5000/acre, Des is going to keep 7% ($350/acre) and the landowner's offer will actually be $4650/acre. The landowner will be told the offer is $4650 when it is actually $5000 which includes Des' 7% fee. The actual offer from the O&G is the total dollar amount they are willing to pay to lease the land. The land agent reduces this amount by whatever his fee is and passes that lower dollar figure along to the group.
I think thats how it will pan out Finnbear .On the plus side there's no 1yr. commit .Gotta tell you I would not tie of my acres for a year , that's crazytown .
While Des can't come out and solicite his group I think most of us here know his group and the quality lease it represents. I believe his lease to be one of the best out there anywhere. He also makes it clear at every meeting that his agreement is non binding and you are free to go from his group at anytime. As stated at the akron meeting, a deal is very close and in the $4200-$4500 range for Monroe. We could be voting on a deal within the next week or two.  
Does anyone know more details about the signing that occurred in Des's group?  Was this a particular county?  When did this occur? 

I don't think that signing was within Des' group


Check your e-mail - his e-mail suggested that it was but I'll admit that it was somewhat unclear and vague. 


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