Southeastern Ohio Landowners Association, Inc is having a clinic in Woodsfield behind Duke & Duchess on rt 78.  Some told me that this was Des 's group but I dont think so. Any information will be very helpfull.

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Yes I attended.  Nothing new to report.

He did say to watch what we post up here. We are not the only people who look these pages over. Understand that what you post may have direct effect toward what your group may be able to negotiate. Instead of sniping at each others groups, simply keep your fingers idle. In the end, we are all simply trying to get the best deal for ourselves, our families and our neighbors.  This is supposed to be a place to share, yes, but some information is better off not put in writing for the world to see.

Avoid saying Des said this or Jennifer said that or John said so and so. Do not put words in someones mouth, let them speak for themselves, where they feel is appropriate. Some of the things that people have posted here are making it difficult to get good offers.

I want to help anyone who posts as a landowner and I hope all of you do too. Due to the pooling required to make this type of drilling work, it is every landowner's best interest to get on board with their neighbors somehow, someway. As a unified group, we are at our strongest in negotiations with any O&G company.



thank you, james, for this reminder.  our purpose for posting is to help each other and we do need to be thoughtful about what we say and how we say it.  i have learned a lot from this blog and am very glad that it exists.

He also told me he "has spies" in the group I am involved with and badmouths the group every time I have spoken to him. Remember that he is a landman first.


Landmen will say whatever they have to to get you to sign with them. A landman profits only when you sign on to his group, no matter how much or how little he gets you from the oil and gas company. If you go with any other group he gets nothing and with that in mind, he will tell you whatever it takes to get you to stay with him. An educated landowner is an obstacle for a landman - we cause them to have to work a bit harder for their commission checks.

We are here as landowners and oil&gas rights holders to learn from each other how best to deal with this giant industry. When we share news, both good AND bad, we can learn from each other and better our position in negotiation with the operators and lease agents in the future. When we start censoring our thoughts and questions, we all lose, and make their job easier. If the land agents want to defend their positions, they are welcome to do so, but we should not be doing their bidding for them. They are well paid for the services they provide and should be prepared to have to defend that position from time to time.

I'm with you on this one Finnbear . I think they would like us quite , not saying to show all of your cards but share what we have learned to help one another .


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