Can anyone tell me what they are building on Route 78 about 1 mile from Route 7? They built the pad up equal to or higher than Route 78, and I would like to know their plans. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you


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I went by with my brother they had traffic a month ago down to one lane I asked the flagman what was going on he told me it was a well pad.

Thank you for the info.

   Has anyone any  information in regards to XTO selling their leases in  Monroe county?I have had a lease with XTO for five years and they appear not to be too interested in drilling in my area. Pipe lines are being built all around.. I am sorry I signed a lease with XTO

Any further scoop on this well pad ?  Actual location, anticipated drill dates?  Direction of horizontal bores;  this one would be close to me, I'm on southern border of section 31 per the DNR website...Any update would be much appreciated.

I went by about a week ago, doesn't appear to be a well pad, more  like compression for pipeline.

Searcherone , you are correct, not a well pad.

sorry I was misinformed

I guess I am going to say something politically incorrect,but they built it up high because Nigger Run puts out a large volume of water and Sunfish Creek backs up into that area.


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