I have been offered $1500/acre & 15% in Monroe co. for a lease with Eclipse. From what I understand the money won't be paid up front , but they want to put it in an escrow, because they are going through a rough time right now. Does this sound " hinky " to anyone else? This info came from the landman.

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I'd say REALLY? You should get  At least $5000. and 20%.And if they cant pay for it,why even make the deal. They put themselves up for sale,and the more cheap leased minerals they have ,the more they will be worth to some other driller.

I wondered if anyone else had this same offer. I don' t live in Monroe Co. , but have property there. I had leased.in Guernsey Co 2 yrs. ago & the price for lease was 4 times that much. There has been no deal & haven't signed anything. I don't plan to unless they can do better. Thanks for your input.

I wonder how they did with their yearly payment plan. I doubt that they had many takers. I have to wonder how long they will last, but I have not spoken with Jennifer lately.

It is not just eclipse it's the price of gas and oil ! I have a lease with eclipse And a have nothing bad to say about eclipse .

Thanks a lot. I needed input.
Our family has a lease with Eclipse which we have proven we own mineral rights. We received our sign on bonus(finally!) last week, but it was for approximately 2/3 of what we had agreed to. Eclipse has been very " crooked" in their dealings with us. Anyone else had any issues with them? We don't live on the Adams two. Property so we are kind of out of the loop. We do have an attorney working on these issues.

hinky for sure. Going thru a merger! Best wait till that's over with. probably will have a new name too.

Boop, I dont understand how they could pay you less than what your contract says? This has me questioning my new offering from eclipse. Can you explain more? If you want to talk about it privately, if sent you a friend request. If you except it,, we can private message each other. Eclipse is very shady at this point in negotiations  with us.  Thanks--Airman.Thanks--Airman. 

I am thinking Eclipse was not such a good apple and think time will tell more about their past credibility.   Now our eyes are on Montage Resources.


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