What and when is it determined how many heads are put on a pad ? Do they know by other wells in the area ? After a frac well is drilled do they light a torch for each well after  they finish drilling as part of a test and what is the test for ? Do they have to have a pipeline to do the well test ?

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A bunch of different factors for question 1, not sure what you mean by other wells in an area.  If wells close by are super wells they will drill as many as possible, maybe not all at once, timing. They flare wells sometimes to release pressure and get rid of some of the impure stuff. No they don't have to have a pipeline to test a well. 

The almighty dollar determines most of what happens in the oil & gas industry. Other wells in the immediate area are often a good indicator of what a new well may do but that is absolutely not set in stone. Say the first wellhead on your pad site is a great producer, you can probably expect to see more wells drilled from that pad, but maybe not immediately. If the driller has other leaseholds that they paid good money for where the leases are soon to expire, they may drill there first to hold the lease and protect their investment. Since your lease is now HBP (Held By Production) and in no danger of lease expiration, there is no rush to drill more from your pad, and they can come back to it when they have their other leases protected. After a well is fracked, and the gas begins to flow, it is usually "flared" in order to analyze the liquids content and test the flow. There are also some other reasons that a flare stack may be used in the drilling process. A pipeline is not required to test a well but generally is required to get the hydrocarbons produced to market. I've attached a 2 page brochure from Ohio EPA about Gas Flaring if you care to read more. A Google search on "Gas Flaring" or "Flaring a Well" should give you all you'd ever care to know about the subject.


thank you both will do so searching


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