This may not be the correct place to look for this kind of help, but I thought it was worth a shot.

Most living here in Monroe County know about the current state of the school district. It's horrible and nothing in the future appears to give hope to it getting better.

To try to help improve the situation as best I can (which is minimal), I am trying to find local contact information for companies like Statoil, Schlumberger, and Halliburton.

Why I am trying to do this is because I had hopes that companies here in the county working would be able to help in some way fund students in academic areas. To be more specific, one of the Physics teachers I subbed for in the district said he was not able to take his students on their annual trip that has been used as a Final exam for many years. With busing no longer provided for stuff like this, the teacher either needed to raise $1,100 for a bus or ask the students and their families to pay $144 per student to get a bus.

The corporate level has responded to me at each company plus others, but each suggests I contact a more local office. That is where my problem lies in that I have no contact information for anyone here in Monroe County.

Can anyone help me in any way? I apologize if it's not appropriate to ask this here.

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How nice of you Mr. Kresty.

Kudos to Pegasus and to you Edmund Kresty!

How about getting the people off welfare and putting them to work ? Im sorry but it sounds like they need more people to pay taxes instead a collecting a welfare check.


Property taxes fund schools in the state of Ohio.  The local school district is however considering putting an income tax on the ballot in November.

Yes, this is a great place to ask the question about companies donating as the O&G companies donate very large sums in the cities were their offices are located,  It is great to see these companies wanting to contribute to the local areas where they actually get the product to make the money.     I appreciate their donations to Monroe County.

Mr. Kresty, I'm sure the math teacher will contact you once school starts back up. I have emailed him your phone number. He has yet to acknowledge he received my email, but I assume that's because it was sent to his school address and not one he checks regularly in the summer. He will greatly appreciate any way you may be able to help him and his classes.

For anyone that may be of help, how can I get in contact with Schlumberger here in Monroe County? I've sent hundreds of email, but have never received a response. I was given the name Jhagger Claessens as the person here in Hannibal to contact, but have not be lucky enough to receive a response to him either (or even able to find him through research).


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