Does anyone need information about selling all or part of their minerals? I often hear about misconceptions and was wondering if anyone needed accurate information in order to make an educated decision. Chris

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Chris, enlighten us please. 

JL, I would be happy to. Did you have a specific question? I can tell you that selling minerals can be a benefit to many people and others are just fine with collecting monthly royalties once a well is drilled, but in either case, it is something that now pertains to most of the landowners in Monroe County and there is no harm in knowing what your gas and oil lease (or minerals) can provide you today or in the future. 

Ok, so for the sake of argument, what can minerals in Adams Township be sold for these days assuming the mineral interest is unleased and assuming they are leased with 20% gross royalty?

I would not be able to post our rate per acre on here, even if I had all the information I needed to do so. The amount offered weighs heavily on the royalty rate of the lease in place, but there are many other factors. Acreage amount, the producer, if your lease has a depth severance, just to name a few. I can tell you I am confident the company I represent does have some of the highest valuations I've seen or heard of. We do prefer to buy minerals already under lease, however, we would not walk away from a deal on unleased land. We would just add in the going rate of bonus money to the offer in that case.

What I was hoping to achieve by starting a discussion on this topic was to heighten awareness of what a mineral purchase is and what they involve. I have dealt with many people who thought selling minerals is what they did when they signed a gas and oil lease. And I have seen many landowners that were once opposed to selling their minerals have a complete change of heart, and not only do it themselves, but refer their friends and family members to me afterwards. It will be a considerable amount of time before all the acreage in Monroe County will be produced. Some will see royalties in a couple years and others will be waiting for theirs to start for many years. Well drilling is a long process and gas and oil producers change their minds with the wind. For some landowners, having a significant amount of money now as opposed to waiting a decade or two for that same amount via monthly royalty checks, could mean living the lifestyle they desire now and making good memories with their families now instead of fifteen years from now. Plus many people retain some of their acreage so they can still participate in the well and royalties, that way they benefit now and benefit later.


for someone already leased with a royalty in the 18-20 % range, is it possible to sell a portion of your royalty - say a 16th [.0625%] - on the acreage and depths specified in the lease?

Yes. Nearly anything is possible. We can buy gas and oil minerals or we can buy a percentage of a lease that specifies depths and acreage. Price paid is of course higher on gas and oil minerals. Usually we interview the land/mineral owner that is considering a sale. We gather information about the acres and the lease. We can make offers a few different ways and you can pick what your most comfortable with. Nearly in all cases, landowners go with selling a percentage of the whole. Say 50 acres under lease. We buy minerals on 10 acres. The mineral deed for us would read 1/5 mineral interest in the 50 acres, and yours would read 4/5 mineral interest in the 50 acres. Did that answer your question?

yes, thanks.

Mineral Buyer, 

Maybe you can answer this question for me. Is there a difference between oil/ gas rights and mineral rights? Can you just then sell mineral rights minus the oil and gas rights? What are those minerals and how important are they?


The company I work for is only interested in gas & oil rights and the related hydrocarbons. I'm sure there is value for other minerals as well, but I am not aware of anyone seeking those. If I hear of anything more I will definitely get back to you.

I think only a fool would be selling their minerals in monroe co right now.

 I heard through the grape vine that what they have found in monroe county, will be lasting for generations. They said that all of the shale will be developed and it will equate to a butt load.

St. Croix,

From what I have followed in the last couple years I agree that it is just a matter of time. The mineral people are trying to get what they can now but in the next several years pipelines will come online.


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