I have seen that the county engineers office is granting permission for Mark West to use township roads in order to facilitate installation. I think Twp rd 104 is is one of the roads to be used. The articile said adams township but the TWP 104 that I live on is in Center Township which borders Adams. Rats I hope they don't totally ruin the road I travel.

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have a reference to a story on this?

I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised with what Mark West does for your road. They will contract someone to come in and most likely make your road much better than before. what you need to worry about is keeping your pets off the road. you cannot imagine the amount of traffic you will experience.

yeah I have six car chasing Shi-Tzus. To date I have been able to stay out of this madness since my farm is not leased,but I guess that is ending since what I own is the middle of the MacDonald oil field. its too bad because I moved here for peace and quiet many years ago.Oh and as for a reference try the Times Leader circa Dec 17 or the Monroe county Beacon.

Well you better build a fence. Kiss your peace and quiet good by. You will think they are having a pipe liner funeral. Also might want to leave about 10 minutes earlier for your appointments. And just forget having a clean car. Been there, done that.

 this may be true or not with Mark West. Last summer a lady of my acquaintance was approached by Mark West in Belmont County and told that she needed to meet right away to grant a an easement for a pipeline to a proposed well site on her property. After delaying spending her day providing legal info and signing papers,she never was paid or heard anything further about the project,Your right though I will have to invest in a fence.

What part of Belmont County (which twp)? We were also approached by MarkWest about urgently needing permission to enter our property to survey for a pipeline crossing and then NOTHING.

Her farm is in flushing township on st rt 149 near the junction of 149 and Rock Hill road. As I said though its had to tell about these people,I am starting to wonder if they know their next move themselves.

OK. We're in Washington twp - not close by at all.

article says sunsbury and adams twp.  there is a T104 in sunsbury near all the other roads mentioned in the article.

Really, thanks for the info.I live near Piatt Park and that that is in Adams Twp I think. I am not sure how far north you would go to come to the Sunsbury Twp border from where I live but it is wild country with no roads for several miles until you hit Sunfish creek.


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