I was not payed the bonus money in the lease.
It has been over 120 days.
I have called Antero numerous times and have not heard back from them.
Has anyone else had this happen.
Also is the first offering per acre then null.

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As I understand it, if you havent been paid and they refuse to talk to you, your best bet is to get a lawyer involved.  Ohio has very little in the way on rule for you to go after gas companies yourself.  A lawyer can write a demand letter, either for money that is owed or for the lease to be voided.  That may or may not be a good idea for you depending on how hot your area is and if there is a good chance of you getting leased again. All of that can be answered by a lawyer though, should only cost you 1-2 hours to get it taken care of.

Have they filed a lease on your property?

Finally talked to turner oil and gas in Marietta.
The lease is void after 120 day if you do not get the "bonus" money.
The reason for the delay was an active well.
Only problem is, there is no active well.
Turner is looking into it.

Check on the order of payment you were given when you signed the lease.  Sometimes they say "120 business days" not just days.  If so, 120 business days is actually around 6 months.  We have a Lessee try to sneak that in once.

This is correct!! If you do not receive a bonus check in the 120 days, the lease is void!!! You need to have an attorney write to the company and ask for a release of the lease if it is recorded in the courthouse. 


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