I recently received a certified letter telling me that a motion had been filed in the Monroe county recorder's office preserving the rights of a given number of individuals to their mineral interests.None of these people appear on any of my historical land7mineral documents on either my land or the rights that purchased going back to the 1800's. I would say that this does not apply to me,but I hae 2 questions 1) is this a mass mailing or what? 2) What exactly does this action do seeing as how dormant minerals laws would take precedence?

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Who sent the letter? What are the details as far as what parcels the mineral interests are being "preserved" on? If someone went to the trouble and expense to send you a certified letter, you should probably pay very close attention to it and the reason it was sent.

well there was no parcel description given,only a list of names and as I said none of them appear in any current or historical documents that I own. I can't find the letter  right now but I remember it was from some outfit in Columbiana county OH. When I find it I will post the name. This seems to be a shotgun approach in this area for some reason,but I can't see what this sort of action will accomplish.

do not delay in looking into this;  go to the recorder's office in Woodsfield and ask about it.  They can provide copies of what has been filed.  They are helpful when you ask questions.   

When someone sends a certified letter they want proof that you received it.  Certified mail stubs hold up in court.  Please take action to see what this is about.   Even if you don't recognize the names, the O/G companies go back many years to see who is really entitled to the minerals.

Take it very serious. 

Definitely do NOT delay. If an affidavit of abandonment was filed on dormant minerals you may own, you ONLY have 30 days to answer it.

You may not have any of these names listed on your deeds.....but they may be heirs of someone on your deed that the mineral rights have transferred to. Maybe someone didn't know that they owned  the mineral right until they looked at the deed. This happened to a person in our family......the father died many years ago leaving the mineral rights to the wife. Then the wife died and the  children (heirs) didn't know about the mineral rights until recently. They filed the papers to obtain the minerals. You should probably seek the help of an oil and gas attorney.

how can someone file a claim to your mineral rights with out the property owner not being aware  this has happened?  This is what happened to me and it has cost thousands of dollars to correct it, My attorney has proved the minerals belong  to   me under the  the Dormant Minerals act.

well, in my case it turned out that people were given these letters over a wide area and it did not involve me, other than the annoyance factor. I would have to say though that all the people who replied gave good advice. Thank you


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