Does anyone know if Spitzer OIl and Gas is still open? If so can someone please provide me with contact info for them. Also anyone have contact info for the ILG Energy? Thanks

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WHY SHOULD Landowners not be dealing direct with the major players, as well as small drillers who will provide an extended drilling plan?

Latest Offer coming to the area you are discussing is 3700 per acre with contract language, royalty percentage and company name currently unknown for three more days.

This deal was bested two wks ago Monday when a large group of landowners were offered 3800 per acre and that deal was already sold prior to the offering.

Also received an unconfirmed report last week of increase in royalty to 22% for an offering in Harrison County.

Do some research of the Texas and Bakken oil plays which is what we have here. In the Wolfberry shale, the leasing bonus has now gone as high as 15K per acre with royalty on top of that. They are hoping the Wolfberry is as good as the Bakken and what we supposedly have here is at least 4X the MBO per section, based on one company report. At our location it could be twice that estimate of MBO and this is just for the Utica Oil, not taking into consideration the TBR horizons below the Utica which could be even greater when the reports are one day made public knowledge. People need to start getting educated before their land values are lost.

MonBel thanks. You are always a big help with the info you provide. You always seem to have the best and most up to date knowledge. Are there any techniques you can share as to how best to search and stay informed. Thanks

Google leasing, lease values,  Eagle Ford  Shale Leasing , Bakken, Utica, Marcellus,  landowners lease, oil and gas leases, etc....... more than we can ever read..... assist in getting people informed! Study the latest info on the OhioDNR website/ mineral resources and the June 6 geo map updates.

Check this out:


Thomas MonBel O & G Landowner Watchman does have some good information time is on are side. We have a commodity to market we should set the price. They want our commodities. Come to are meeting Thursday 11th 7:00 pm.




What meeting is this?  Location and name of group, please.
I think it is the meeting in Bealsville Thur at 7PM


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