Monroe North Unit 2H (XTO) shows as Drilling.

Please post any news.

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Drilling was completed Aug 13th.  Rig left the pad this past weekend.  Fracking is tenetive for Oct. Pipelines for product are being done now.  They could be complete before the well is done.  That's my opinion not been told that about pipelines



Check this out

Oil @ 1820' (Keener S.S.)

Thanks to Philip Brutz in Belmont for providing link.

What is interesting to me on the well card is that the Rhinestreet is listed and looking like a width of 400 feet; XTO was obviously interested in seeing if there was a triple play .  IMHO

  I'm not sure about Devonian that far from my area but i'll give my 2 cents:

     On the card it lists Ohio Shale 2478-6150 feet than lists Rhinestreet at 5397-5810 feet.

I think what their calling Ohio shale is referred to as "Chagrin Group" below Berea S.S. in older reports. That 413 feet of Rhinestreet sandwiched in that Chagrin Group  may actually be 2 or 3 black shales layered on top of each other. Forming that 413 feet. 

Thanks Tim.  I did think the notation on the card was a little unusual.   However, do you agree there is a triple play in this area?  My lease with Eclipse down in Jackson Twp Monroe County actually states Rhinestreet as well as Marcellus and Utica.

I'll say yes but that's why I want to follow Utica/PP from there as it moves to Northeast. Across Marshall and Ohio counties in W Va.

You may even have 2 layers in that "Rhinstreet". Keep in mind Berea in your area has potential too. In my area that Chagrin Group is replaced with Brailler Formation.

About a year ago someone said there was no Rhinestreet Here, Too far south they said.  Ha Ha Ha!  6 months ago RRC drilled a Rhinestreet 1000 feet from Us. We're not in that Unit We leased Marcellus only. Kept all that sweet upper Devonian with explicit rights to develop. Also retained the Utica and PP but that is problematic. Can't have someone drill through those Marcellus laterals to get at Utica. How much money does one need anyway, LOL 


Magnum Hunter's CEO Gary Evans has said in some investor presentations that they would like to drill the first Utica well in WV and their leased acreage is in Wetzel Co. Tyler Co. and south.


Anyone know if Sunfish creek state forest in Switzerland twp. Has been leased

Not sure on state forest.  Our group boarder's it and we are leased to XTO.  The Monroe North pad is close to the state forest but the lateral's went away from it.

They sent the fracking rig to a well in West Virginia. They are not abandoning the well site, delayed. The pipe line to the pad is still being installed and the above ground water line has been layed to the well. Dominion is installing a 10500hp compressor station less than a mile away that requires the relocation of 2 of their main lines. This is the same system that the Monroe North well will feed into. My "GUESS" would be that completion of the well can be delayed because of the Dominion issue.

I have two questions for you guys, the first is does anyone know when Eclipse/Oxford will begin drilling in Lee township because my mothers farms are leased to them,it is actually located fairly near Stalders but they are with a different company. The second question is more mundane, I used to hear about the layer called the Gordon Grit but I never knew where the layer was, hope you can help.


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