Here's a thought:  Doesn't AEP own like 60,000 acres in Eastern Morgan Co?  One would assume they own the minerals.  Won't they do quite well if the oil/gas play goes as well as we hope it does?

Should I by some of their stock?


Wonder if they will have to pay 40%+ income tax on their royalties?

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It's funny you say that Gary, I was thinking about all that AEP ground as well. The strip mines is a huge contiguous tract of ground, very appealing to drill on. I wonder though, if there is additional coal seams under the AEP ground they may be reluctant to allow a bunch of drilling. I know the coal companines are constantly battling O/G operators in WV for this very reason. Drilling disruptes long wall mining.

Is AEP the same as Ohio Power Company?

Are they drilling in Morgan County, yet?  Where?

AEP & Ohio Power are the same.  Don't know about any drilling there.


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