PDC permit for Morgan County Center Twp.  on Centerbend Rd.

Well is listed as Palmer44-20

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Thanks Ron,  Where do you get early information like this.  I couldn't find a reference on the ODNR site.  So, like I do everything I want to learn about, I Googled the listing. The only reference was to an antifracing site that refers to a county engineers report.  The location is listed as Centerbend rd.  East of the power plant I would guess.  I can't believe the best information was at an unsigned antifracing site, yikes. 

Gary,I stumbled on it on Kaufman realestates Shale Gas insiders.

It looks to me like site must be on top of hill past the old hog farm,says access from sr60&sr83

They also list Morgan countys lease offers at $3800 acre

Ron, there is a Palmer listed on the county auditors site on Centerbend rd.   Bet that's it.  Dang, I've been leased with PDC for a year now for a heck of a fraction of that.  I hope it takes them 4 years to get to my place.

Looking at a 1997 map, I think I see a lot of Ohio Power Company land around there.

What is the percentage of production?

Don't know Palmers %.  Here's a link to a map of the permitted well site:


He travels fastest who travels alone (not in a large landgroup) ???

Will that offer set a standard for Morgan County?

with all the active shallow wells in area, land is probably held by production

wont set a standard,just certain areas

if this well comes in good,will bring it farther south east though

I drove by the Palmer well site today, already a lot of activity.

Gary,I was told that the work on Rt 83,its being closed for 2 weeks is to take off some steep humps and other work so rigs can get in.

The MOCO Hearld said for saftey improvements.

    I still havnt seen the permit being issued,just applied for, but with all the activity,I bet they start on this after the highway is reopened.

I drove out there they were bringing some of the rig in today. Said was supposed to be set up Tuesday.

Drove by a little while ago,rig was there but not set up yet. I saw they have a crane there also.

  Sign says D&D Rig#24

 Still no permit listed for Morgan County on DNR website


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