What is everyone's take on the new maps/presentation from the ODNR?

It appears the majority of Morgan County is now considered the wet gas window according to some of the maps.  But it also shows the Southern half of Morgan County (which is where I'm at) is out of the core productive.

If I am interpreting the presentation correctly, this doesn't look good for Southern Morgan and Western Washington Counties.  Very disappointing considering everyones hopes were probably up with all the talk.  I know mine were.  Tie that into I haven't heard a word from the landowners group I am in since our last meeting November.  Does not look good, but I sure hope I'm wrong.

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I am sure the play will move into those areas outside the "core productive area" but it may take a little longer. Bob Chase said that no one knows for sure whats down there until someone drills a well in the south of Ohio. I think the " core productive area" is just based on the fact that there are more existing well records for that area. Be patient and watch. 

does anyone have a link to this new map? Or can tell me where to find it? I'm in northern Morgan county, near the Muskingum line.  I am interested in what it says. Thanks


Go to the discussion " wet gas maps" started by shale gale. 

Cool, thank you. I just checked it out. Looks very interesting. Just sitting back an waiting.

Over the past 5 weeks I've received 3 letters from people wanting to buy my land. Not selling, lol.

Did they name a price per acre?  Are you leased? Not trying to be nosy, but we are considering selling but no one can give me a value! We are leased buy CONSOL, in a great position based on the new map, and we own our mineral rights. We'd sell the whole shootin' match for the right price.  This wait and see game is for the birds. 

JR, sorry i didn't get back to you till now. Things got busy here with a new job.

Anyways no i'm not leased. I have not been approached for leasing yet. You said you are leased, are you in Morgan county? have you been paid lease money yet? I didnt think they were down this area yet. If I received lease money i would wait it out.

They did not name a price. The letters said, "friends of ours own property in Morgan county and we would like have some there too. Would you be interested in selling all or part of your land?" Sounding like they didnt know about the fracking. When i called to tell them i wasn't interested they seemed disappointed that i knew about the oil and gas potntial then asked if I'd heard anything yet. 

Where is this map? I can't seem to find it!! 


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