Yesterday I was passing Norwich headed east on I 70. Approximately 1-2 miles on the north side of  70/old 40 a drilling rig is set up.  At 65 mph I didn't get to get a good luck at  the setup and the rig  was partially hidden. The rig itself looked to be good sized.

Anyone have any information? 


thanks James T

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It's the well you are asking about Scott. You can see I-70 in the background.

Pattison trust 1D
Will not say owner or company on here

Well # 341192803000. 7750ft. disposal well. 11 acre unt. Operator, Robert Orr. Zanesville. Property owners, Ross & Tiffany Pattison. It's public info, Don't know what the big secret would be?

I know them personally and do business

If Bob is doing that project, he will do it right.

That is for sure.

I could not think of anyone better to work with.

You do work with Bob

Bob Rules!

I would say he is more of a friend right now,

and you never know what the future may have in store.

Bob knows his sh*t, and I have a lot of respect for him.

Same here, good friend one of my favorite people, he gave my company our first job and keeps us working cleaning his tanks at Kemble, holding water from the rig when his well was backed up, he's my go to go guy when I need have a question. Good man

I agree,

I cannot say enough about his abilities, and integrity.

He is one of the people who reflects very positively on the industry.

as opposed to some of the actions we saw by major players in the last boom.

If there were more like him, I would trust everyone!!!'

Past experiences with others

have made me a more suspicious less trusting person in general.



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