I noticed on the ODNR site http://www.ohiodnr.com/portals/11/oil/pdf/Utica.pdf that the operator for the Miley 5H well in Seneca Twp has changed and is now Antero Resources....looks as though there is a name change/reissue going on and when you go to Eclipse Resouces website under operations the Miley 5H info. is no longer available. Does anyone have any scoop regarding Eclipse/Antero and Seneca Twp in Noble County?

Also, I drove over to the well site and Eclipse still has there sign in front of the guard shack, hmmmmmm.....strange to say the least!

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This doesn't suprise me! That Hulburt that started eclipse is nothing but a flipper. He made his millions and ORRI on all the leases (Don't forget Milley to). I can't believe he still has the balls to have an office in Caldwell! Go back to perveretville (State College, PA)!

4 quarter....Fossil Creek is the one who made money off of Miley not Eclipse. Miley signed with Fossil for $50/acre and then flipped it to Eclipse for $3000...I know this to be a fact....this is what Miley told my neighbor.

Ive never heard of Antero Resources until last week. Is there something wrong with them? They offered me 5900 and 21% . They were very professional and helpful. My 120 working days with Shell has expired as of 4-6-12. I have not been paid yet but I do know they want my property. My title deed has been searched and I am in line to be paid. The rep. at Holland services says it will be at the least 45 days if every thing goes smooth, which seems unlikley at this point. Since Shell is only paying 5000 and 20%. I'm thinking if I must wait that long I may as well wait for a little longer for another $20,000 for my 21.7 acres. Any feedback on this?

I know nothing about Antero other than they're out of Colorado. What I do know is that I'm leased with  Eclipse and they paid right on time. I also know that they started the vertical drilling process with the Miley 5H well, but according to the ODNR Utica well activity.....it looks as though Eclipse is no longer the operator and Antero is...... drilling horizontal. Just trying to find out what is the scoop....as I have a legitimate interest with Eclipse. Also, the last I heard from a little birdy (rumor mill)...is that the core samples came back very good and Eclipse was very pleased and there were several offers on the table to purchase leases or possibly Eclipse as a whole.

I've never heard of eclipse but I heard that some drillers only do the verticle and others come in and finish with the horizonal and fracing. Thanks for reply. Im trying find a phone # for Antero in Caldwell, ohio, noble county. Im up in Guernsey in wills township. They said they'd take all they could get in wills. Thanks

Here is Antero and Eclipse websites:



Lance, what county do you live in and did you sign with Antero for that amount?

I live in the Mt ephraim area. i leased to antero through a company out of canton called Turner oil and gas. the lease was 120 days, they paid me in 60 total. as soon as my title search checked out, i signed the lease and had my check about 10 days later.

They all could pay like that but chose to leave the money in the Bank to draw from or clad-drawl! 

I have 20 acres just south of Miley's and north of Schroeder's proposed well on 285.  On recommendation from a neighbor, I called an Eclipse landman in February, got an immediate offer of $4,000 and 19% before any discussion, then before we could arrange a face to face, the guy (and Eclipse?) is out of the county.  No calls, nothing.  From this discussion, it looks like I should be talking to Antero.  Any thoughts, recommendations or contacts?

Yes, Call Antero! Here is their # in Caldwell 740-732-0016 So far they are offering 5900 and 21% Hope you get paid soon. Lance

Thanks.  I'll call right away and keep this discussion updated.  If I could reach Eclipse I would call and thank them.


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