I talked to my neighbor and they advised that eclipse sold there lease to Antero just couple months ago!

I emailed eclipse and Joliet Patrick advised that they didn't buy mine! I was just outside of the work place! and they are just inside the work place! The Marlyns! But I haven't got to talk to them lately because the Mark West pipeline has a big mudd puddle in the lane and I'm not driving through it! I'll be at camp this weekend and should be able to run into them and ask what's going on or I'll call them! 

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What township?   Are Marlyns your neighbors?  Does Antero have a unit planned for the area that does not include you?   Permitted?

Beaver twp! I don't know what involves the work area! Nobody will tell me! I haven't seen any permits yet! Need to check the ODNR site 

I just checked and Antero doesn't have any new permits for Beaver Twp.

Thanks! there is something going on there because Rex and Antero are in quiring acreage and few mineral buyers also! I just talk to Rex rep yesterday he was wanting to lease my land and anything open unleased! HE SAID THEY WILL TRADE PARCELS TO PUT ME IN THE UNIT THEY ARE WANTING TO EXPAND THE REX H1 IF POSSIBLE!

Saga Land Services!

I bet REX will create a new unit east of the Noble 1H and maybe they will buy your lease from Eclipse and put you in that unit! Be patient, activity is going to explode in Noble County but it takes a little time.

Yep! I'm holding on unless a really good offer comes my way! I mean a really good offer! I have turned down many and some just recent!

Thanks Oliver and Rex land agent did say they are making the unit bigger and probably will trade my lease/parcel for another parcel that eclipse will need somewhere! since I am already leased! They are paying 6,800 acre to start for unleashed property!

eclipse sold the drilling rights to antero, we signed with eclipse and now antero is purposing 3 wells across the way from us and a water tanks on our property.... we are in beaver township... so yes things are starting to happen in that area.


Amy where in Beaver are you located?

twsp rd 170.. by mt zion church

twsp rd 170.... right down the road from mt zion church. Sorry guys was out sick for awhile.... didnt know you were requesting info.

rick... i am not really familiar with the roads,so i do not know

It is mid January of the new year and this forum is awfully quiet.  Anyone have any news for Noble County?  Antero's web page says they have 5 rigs operating.....anyone know their current locations and where each rig is headed next?




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