Why is eclipse leaving Caldwell I thought they were here to drill, or at least thats what they told the landowners!

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sWhere are they moving to in Monroe--not an over abundance of "office buildingd" to choose from there?

Cen said nothing that isn't true. Eclipse IS leaving Caldwell.

Why are you guys getting on Cen.  It sounded like a legitimate ? to me.  You oughta lighten up a bit. 

Happy, Wow your defense is pretty strong!  Whats your connection?  I believe in Eclipse too but many questions may arise over the future.  We should allow for all questions.  I   always think of the old saying "It's better to be thought dumb than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt".  Ithink its legitimate to wonder why they are moving.


Are you reading a different message than the rest of us???

Are Eclipse and Antero Related in anyway?

Eclipse closed the office in Caldwell simply because we are no longer taking leases in the area.  We will likely open an office in Monroe County as most of our upcoming drilling operations will take place there.  We did enter into an agreement with Antero and they are going to operate any drilling on our leases in Noble County.  They have a full drilling program for 2013 and have several wells planned.  We still own a percentage in the leases and of course, it serves our best interests also to have an active drilling program. So I would just ask for a bit of patience, and hopefully your acreage will soon be included in a unit -


Marilou Wright, Land Manager

Eclipse Resources


I like this information that Marilou Wright has posted! Even though I just found it! I wish it would have just been explained this good to me! I know there is going to be some flack on me responding to this! But I feel that I have to because of the past. 

And this will stay on my page! And come on Antero 2013 is almost over the 8th month already start drilling please! 


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