I signed pipeline ROW agreements for specific routes. The ROW has been cut as agreed to, and one pipe has been buried. They decided to reroute the  other pipelines in a different location. They cut a second 100' ROW and are proceeding to lay pipe without an agreement. I have notified the company numerous times and nothing has been done to resolve this. What should I do?  I was notified that I can have these people arrested for trespassing.

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Find a good property rights attorney. Make them pay dearly for that additional right-of-way. You did get the specific routes on paper and signed by the pipeline company didn't you? What company is this so the rest of us can deal with them with the proper caution?

There are specific routes on paper. This has been going on for three months. After the original ROW was cut, a water line was laid where it was supposed to. That is when I noticed ROW boundary markers in another area. I called them and left a voice mail stating that it looks like there is another ROW marked out. I also stated there is not an agreement for that location and I do not want anything going through there. When I checked the next week, the trees were cut. This also happened in another area through a hay field. I estimate the total length stolen to be around 600-800 feet. They don't give a damn. They have been notified. They haven't stopped.

 Another fair warning to everyone is their use of pipeline markers. If they put a pipeline through a hay field, the field will almost be unusable on the ROW due to these markers being spaced closely. Apparently they have never heard of line locators.

I am not ready to directly name names due to legal action, but this is in Seneca Township.

You personally notifying them won't do a thing. They don't care about you or what you think - you've seen that for yourself.

A notification on the letterhead of a respected law firm WILL produce results. A simple consultation with an attorney and a letter that lays out where they violated the agreement along with notice to cease and desist will get their attention and will not cost that much. It says you are willing to play hardball and they will soon come calling to "make things right" with you.

If they cut trees that they were not supposed to, make them pay for every one of them. You were growing timber there weren't you, hint, hint. Count, measure, identify the species, and photograph EVERY stump, no matter how small. A consulting forester can take that inventory and "grow" it into the future and calculate the future value of timber that the pipeline company stole from you. Once they lay pipe, you can never grow trees there again and the potential timber income ceases to exist.

If they are going through a hay field, calculate the loss of crops there annually, figure out how many years in the future this will affect you (life expectancy, heirs, etc), factor in some yearly inflation for good measure, and make them pay you for it. They are taking the ability to produce hay income from you by taking areas you did not agree to and they must replace that income.

Make them stick to the agreement and compensate you for loss/damages. Or roll over and be a doormat and they will do this to your neighbors too. The ball is in your court.

JL The advise of an attorney is great but if you want to get results lock them off the property! Call the law if they try to enter and have them charged with criminal trespassing. That will get there attention. Then call an attorney!


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