Anyone have any info on this? Where, how, who, when?

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I have heard the proposed well is in Beaver Twp. Anyone know more?
Thanks, Donna!

I believe that Rex Energy is attempting to place a well somewhere in Beaver Twp. off of Whiskey Run Rd. right off of 513. That is just what I have heard from our contact at Rex Energy.

I have been told that Rex Energy applied for a permit last week. I don't know how you can check to see applications for permits though?

rex has applied for permits in beaver township  sections 13  17 and18.   you can get to these from the reports section on odnr site under county engineers report

Drove past the Rex well site on Whiskey Ridge today.  Saw a bank of 18 (storage?) tanks on the site.  I think there were 3 wells drilled from the same pad.  The tanks looked very large.  Maybe 20 feet tall and 15 feet in diameter.  Has anyone heard anything about these wells?  I thought they had been fracked in November.  Does anyone know if they have been flared yet?

Rex Energy Announces Warrior South Well Results, and they look great

Considering the fairly short lateral lengths (each well has about 3,500 ft. laterals) the numbers are probably comparable to all the Gulfport wells. Looks like Rex is a player too. 


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