Today Carrizo Oil & Gas announced that it is entering the Utica Shale Play by way of a Joint Venture with Avista Capital Partners. There are 15,000 acres involved and Carrizo is paying $1,500 per  acre for ONLY 10% interest. You do the math. What would the value per acre be for 100% interest?


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Here's a good article on the decline curve of Marcellus wells in Pa. and the effect on royalties. Along with a possible new calculator app. See the link......


Here's an article on the Utica/Marcellus price differential, and how it is impacted by takeaway issues.


Here's a nice article with reference to PDCE, Artero, and Rexx. See the link....


The 4th qtr production numbers have been posted on the Ohio ODNR site.


It's been quite some time since I was actively posting info here, but I thought it might be helpful if we shared tax info relating to royalties, 1099's, depletion allowance, CAT tax, county real estate tax increases, etc.

With that being said, does anyone know when to expect their 1099 from Gulfport for 2015? Mid-month, end of the month, or later. I assume they would operate on a similar schedule as last year.



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