This  may seem like a stupid question , here it goes

If I lease 2 acres in Ohio and is  in a drilling unit, my question is, if they drill and strike oil or gas,will I get  my royality even thou they do not actually drill thru my property?? Thanks

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If you are officially "in the Unit",  then yes, you should get royalties. Even if the horizontal bore does not go thru your land. If the O&G co. put you in, then maybe one of the future wells on that pad will go thru you.


    Did you get leased through DPS Penn/Chesapeake? They are in the area leasing up the smaller parcels near you, including the Bethel Church property, for the wells about to be permitted on the Hall pad.

Yes that is what we are working on now

Great! Glad to hear you are finally getting leased!

I think there's a production unit and drilling unit , can't remember the difference but im in a 639 acre unit .  They drilled the first well but before they did that they changed the unit to 137 acres , just enough for the first horizontal. So really  I'm in a unit but I won't receive any royalties until maybe they drilled nest in another small one hundred thirty some acre unit. Just because your in one of their drilling units doesn't mean you ll receive money you have to be in production unit or vice versa

Thats good to know I wasn't aware that there was a difference between a drilling unit and a production unit but that makes sense on some level....I've been trying to get some type of official / industry definition of what constitutes a drilling unit and maybe what you describe sounds the drilling unit is the surrounding lands around the drill pad site....and the further breakdown or finer definition is a production unit (which is contained inside the drilling unit) is the acreage where the actual lateral lines produce OG for sale.....sooooo if they drill the laterals that run under your land then you should be receiving royalties and if the laterals do not then you don' still may be in a drilling unit....which is still hopeful that down the road they put in another pad or run laterals in your direction but you're still not receiving royalties....make sense?? 

The way I understand not all companies break it up like this. I'm in a Chesapeake unit and I ve heard they do it this way Alot but I know that some don't..  There May be areason why they do it like this just not sure why.

Hi Lewis,

Sorry, but the answer is no, it does not make sense. One big reason is the other mineral owners would go nuts. The scenario you described would give the people in the 1st well royalties but leave out the rest in the pooled unit.
The driller determines how big a unit will be. Lets say 600 acres. Someone surveys the area to draw up the 600 acre unit.
Any tiny drop of land/minerals that is within that 600 acres is now included in that 600 acre unit.
Every mineral owner is given a percentage decimal of their ownership in this 600 acre unit.
One well is drilled in this 600 acres measuring 150 acres.
Well is put in production.
Everyone receives their decimal percentage of royalties from that one well.
All 600 mineral acres are now held by production.
Another 150 acre well is drilled 3 years later on the pad and the 1st well is still producing.
Everyone in that 600 acre unit still receives the exact same royalty interest in the unit. Now the owners just hope more minerals are produced since they are receiving royalties off two wells.
This continues until all wells are drilled in that 600 acre unit.
The well does not have to be near, next to, or in your minerals. You just have to have minerals included in the 600 acre unit.
The ODNR only shows the mineral/landowners of the well, not the unit.

AT....what county are you referring to.....Bethel Church and the Hall property.

Harrison County, German/Green township.

Another question....if a drill pad is placed on your land does one receive royalties from everything that exits and is sold from each of the well heads....I've been told no....or is the well head site independent and what determines a production unit is land under which the laterals run and the drill head is simply the tool by which the production/ output is measured and royalties are distributed?  I wish someone could clear this up.


Thanks for all the above info,hopefully my attorney knows this


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