Hi, I have a question that I'm hoping someone here on the forum can answer for me.

I have 32 acres in Ohio and there is a Rose Run well ~70' on the neighbors property that I have majority royalty ownership of. It hasn't been in production for around 4 years and just a wellhead, no pumpjack on it. It has ~ 180psi at the head and the neighbor doesn't have a residance on the property so they are not tapped into it for the free gas. I've been told that I can get free gas off the well because it is soo close to the property line and its a deep well, yet I haven't found and documentation or anything about the laws on this. I really would like to tap into the gas for my new house I will be building, especially because it is not producing and royalties for me! My lease that is linked to the well in question has wording about free gas from wells, but i've always thought that the well itself has to be physically on the property. Is there a distance from the property line that if the wellhead falls within that this is a right I have? Any feedback would be very much appreciated!

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If you want the gas to come to your new house then you should build that house on the neighbor's property.  Or buy his/her property.  Otherwise, no free gas.  Your first instinct about this was correct.


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