Received our Division order for the well that runs thru our land. It states that" unit gross acres is 608". and the drilling unit we are in states it is 211 acres which the plat map states. There are 4 wells on the pad.

I am not really versed in these items. So does this mean the 608 acres  is for all 4 wells acreage.Does this mean we get royalities on the 608 acres or our small share of the 211 acres in the drilling unit we are in?

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There are 3 of 3 drilled wells that go north/northwest from the Hall pad which form the Hall North unit. You are not in the north unit and you will receive no royalties from any of the 3 drilled wells in north unit.

So far, there is 1 of 3 drilled wells that go south/southeast from the Hall pad which form the south unit. You are in the south unit and you will receive royalties from the 3 wells in the south unit. The Hall South unit is approximately 608 acres in size. The 1 drilled well in the south unit makes up 211 acres of the approximately 608 acre Hall South unit. You will receive royalty payments off the 1 well already drilled in the south unit as well as the 2 wells yet to be drilled in the south unit. Hope this helps.

I understand now. Thanks

it is much more complicated than that. You need to know unit size(608) how many acres you leased(?) and how many of those leased acres(?) are in the 608 acre unit. Those number are used to calculate an owners decimal. Then of course that number gets multiplied by your royalty percentage to arrive at a payment decimal.


    Let us know how you feel about the royalty payments you get.

The first royalty check will be for several months, looks OK but less than you expected.

The 2nd royalty check will be for one month. Are you kidding 60 bucks?

The 3rd will show a significant drop for no reason. Now you owe them.

Call the state officials and complain about being shorted royalties, and they will tell you that you have a Civil Matter. If it feels like a Criminal Matter then it is a Criminal Matter.

Theft is Theft, a disagreement is a Civil Matter. The two are impossible to confuse if you are on the receiving end of the theft.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this is O&G in Ohio Today.

Notice that I didn't hijack this thread, I added TRUTH to it. Those who don't want to know, think of Mr Magoo as Spoiler Alert. Skip what I write and experience this for yourself in the future.


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