anybody have any info. on this company out of chagrin falls ohio? Been contacted by landman

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They are definately "flippers".

"Flippers" what is flippers?  Does this then include CHK, and all the rest also?  Seriously, CHK only acquires land to flip it to their foreign contracts, they drill some, sell some, and produce some, but the reason they pay what they pay, is so that they can flip it for a price higher than they paid for it, to foreign entities that do not have a pathway to the market, except through them.


I will grant you that CHK does drill wells, and in fact, is a very large gas producer in the U.S.  But you would have to grant also that they have flipped, if not all, at least a portion of every play they have entered.


CHK is a definitely  a "flipper".


Now, before going forward with this discussion, have you checked OH website to determine if Reserve has ever drilled or owned a well in OH?  If they have not, then you have a legitimate gripe.


But, on the other hand, don't neglect all the Landowners Associations - they also are flippers - inserting themselves in a negotiation between two parties and making some cut from the middle by getting people to buy into the deal, and sign on and be committed to the group and not being able to negotiate with any others in the meantime - that's the ultimate.  The "consultants" are out no payments, title work, or other fees, yet take a large payment in the end, for just talking and organizing.  You don't get mad at them, but yet its the same tactic, just employed from another end of the spectrum.


Then you have Wishgard and others like them - they have you sign what looks like a lease, you are tied up with them contractually, and yet, they are not an operator, are not paying the "leases" with their own money unless they are sold to someone, and they make the cut, but people sign with them all day.


And then, when a legitimate operator comes and tries to negotiate, the people here create a moving target for them, and it all comes to GREED.


Both on the landowners and the Oil companies part.  Oil company wants it as cheap as they can get it, the landowner wants as much as they can get.


The difference being, the oil company then, will be risking millions of dollars on a well, and they have to weigh the future risks, the landowners agree to a good price then back out, becasue they are scared of risking what they might have received if they waited a few more months.

Both sides are wrong - admit it and maybe your angst would fall a notch or two and you would be a little more relaxed, or at least truthful.


And, not, I do not work for Reserve.  Or even CHK, or others - I just know more than you.



You better get your facts straight.

You said "all the Landowners Associations - They also are flippers" .

This is not true. PERIOD

All landowners associations are not created equal. Some - like ours are doing it for the good of the community and not for any profit.  We are trying to help our community by grouping together and getting a better lease than we could on our own.

I am very much offended by your alligations.

Though I disagree with him about his view of landowner groups I will say that Craig has raised the same issues with CHK that I did a while back. They really are just a shale real estate company. However, most landowner groups are doing work for the exact reasons that Richard has brought up: for the good of the community and the friends, family and often total strangers.


It is nice for you to stick up for Craig but once someone starts spreading rumors about something they don't know anything about, you can't trust anything they say even if they do know. Craig needs to opologize to all the non-profit landowner groups that he has offended by making such an "A**" out of himself.

Craig might be a very nice person but he speaks non truths part of the time. 

So you take offense, and then go directly for a personal attack and call someone an A** - real noble there Cotterman.  (by the way that is sarcasm, if you failed to pick up on it)


No problem - you say you have a landowner group that charges no fees, has no contract and is doing it solely out of the goodness of their heart?


That would definitley be something new - if you are a part of such a noble enterprise, then I salute you.


Also, if you would like to call me any further names - please let me know and we can meet at anytime you desire for such an event and undertaking.  When I grew up, people either learned to deal with their disagreements without name-calling, or found out quickly how to defend such imprudent failings in their character.

If you are, as you purport, involved in an undertaking wherein you are providing services free of any charge, and people are free to come and go as they please with no thought that they have to pay or are bound to you, and it is not out of a motivation for more money (greed) then you are indeed due a deserved recompense of reputation.  Adn, if this be true, and you can further lay to evidence of such an endeavor, then I have no problems singling you out of the generality in which I lumped you, not, however, disregarding the fact that you still called me as A**, and apparently a liar as well - since you say I speak non-truths.  My offer of meeting you still stands.

However, seeing as the offense you determined to take unto yourself was so great, I suspect it may not be as nobly motivated as you seemingly put forth.

What county are they leasing in?

they are looking in Monore co. and Belmont , Noble  Marcus 

A little late to the party, are't they?

They  must came to monroe county and get some more of Des acres that he not doing anything with .

LOL bird , they are offering a whopping 5000.00 per acre not bad but 15% royalty weak .

The 15% is the thing that would keep me from even looking at it just to low.I have a friend that lease for only 4350 but they got i think 18% from xto that was last year around Nov. in monroe county


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