I've been looking around online, and it seems this is a good place to get advice.  

My family lives in Allegheny Co., and though we haven't been presented yet with a contract, I see them getting closer and closer.

Does anyone have really good suggestion for an attorney that can help with my contract?  I'm looking for someone with experience that genuinely cares about landowners.   Obviously an attorney that is up to date with clauses (like the Pugh clause)  would be preferable.  I've just been reading so many stories about landowners not getting paid royalty checks, contaminated water, etc. etc. I'd like the best attorney to protect my family.  

Thanks for any help!

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Hi Patrick,

I would suggest that you need an attorney with a lot more experience than being up to date on certain clauses & concepts.  Finding a good attorney with critical industry knowledge is difficult, but I find firms that are handling current oil & gas litigation are often best suited to review leases.   I have worked with Houston & Harbaugh in Pittsburgh http://www.hh-law.com/.  Robert Burnett is their Marcellus lead and a PA expert on oil & gas law.   You should be in good shape with anyone at the firm though.    FYI - you can find a number of issue papers and other items helpful to your research on the H&H site.   Good Luck!

Thanks for the help Scott, I'll check it out. 


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