We have our own discussion group, but no one's talking. I've been guilty too, but it's time to break the silence.

Chesapeake has been drilling on the next hill over from where I live, south of Bruceton Mills, for about two months now. It's Nomac Rig #37, does anyone know any details? I've heard one story from a Chesapeake landman, and another from an individual who works for a company that services some of the equipment. The two stories aren't the same, so I hesitate to say anything until I know what I'm talking about.

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Any updates?
I still don't have any solid facts. I'm just going on what I was told by one person who services the equipment and another who drives for a Chesapeake subsidiary hauling equipment and supplies, who has hauled to this drillsite.

I was at the site when excavating was being done and I know there were six survey stakes on the drill pad, which looked like it was set up for six individual wells.

I've been told that two wells were drilled. One was 12500 ft. south, and the other 14500 ft. north. This dosen't correspond with what the Chesapeake Landman told me. He even brought one of their geologists here to show me the map of the Unit. The map showed the unit being laid out more East to West.

Drilling started during the last week of Sept. '09, and continued until about a month ago. Then a different rig was brought in which I was told is not a drill rig, but a rig used during fracing. I don't know what is going on now but I do know there hasn't been any lights in the sky at night for four or five nights now.

Everything I know, as I've said, is second hand information. The only thing I'm absolutly sure of is that Chesapeake is very good at keeping us guessing!
Any new updates on drilling by Chesapeake or other in Preston County.
You can go to www.dep.wv.gov to research new permits, etc. Chesapeake, Marathon, Texas Keystone have applied for permits in Preston County during recent months

I had a message from a survey company that they were contracted by Chesapeake to survey some possible well sites in Preston County. I've seen some of (what I believe to be) their survey ribbons marking property boundaries near Bruceton Mills.

There certainly is a lot of drilling related traffic on Rt. 26 nowdays.
Hi-- new to group. I don't have any info on that, but would be interested in any activity in Preston county along the Cheat in 7 islands area. I own 235 acres there, and as a out of town owner, I am concerned about unauthorized access. Thanks


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