According to the local newspapers, in June of 2015 the Records of the Ritchie County Clerk's office will be available online under a new system, Complete System Support Inc. This is used by some other counties including Tyler and Doddrige, and offers free viewing of documents. There is a payment to get prints. The current system has free access to the index (for the records currently in their "new system", from July 1985, but a fee for the privilege to view, download, and print. From what I understood from the article, the "old system" records would also be available. Currently they are only available at the courthouse in Harrisville.

Good news!

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Thank you for the info.
I appreciate your posts on Ritchie County.

Here is the Tyler system: Tyler county documents and tax database

To see the documents, choose Document inquiry. There is a way to install something to view the old records. I expect the Ritchie system will be just as easy.

One advantage of being able to view the document before paying to print it, is if you aren't sure it is what you want. For example, the Declaration of Pooling filed by the company often just is described as "multiple leases Clay District" or even "multiple leases Ritchie County". Not a help.

current Ritchie documents: uslandrecords

Nancy, I am an oil and gas lawyer who represents landowners in royalty cases. I'm trying to learn more about the Spotloe case against ECA. Do you know where I can get a copy of the court filings? I can't seem to find any info, including even what county it was filed in.

Thank you.

Robert Sanders

I have a copy of what was sent to royalty owners. Am away from computer now but when I get to it I'll let you know what I have. I think I have it scanned, then would be easy so share.
I found it, filed in Barbour County. Will figure out about getting it to you tonight.

Thanks Nancy. If it's scanned you could email a PDF.

Hope this works

I see nothing attached. Perhaps you could try using my regular email, which is Thank you so much. So nice of you.

Trying again. The earlier attempt was from my phone.

The file is too large, it says. I sent it to your email, Mr. Sanders.

Thank you!

That is good looking out, Nancy.  The current Ritchie system -- $1 per page just to view -- is completely unreasonable.  Is the article you refer to online, and can you link to it?


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